Visual Communication: Beauty lies in the eyes of the consumer

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Published: 31st January 2011
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The Nike Swoosh. It is perhaps one of the best examples of defining our topic for today – Visual Communication. Clearly speaking, one look at the swoosh and you know that one is talking about the iconic sports brand. Now that’s the power of Visual Communication – an integral part of design in India as well as around the world.

Visual communication Services have a huge role to play in today’s design world and is an important design service offered by design consultancies.

Why Visual Communication?

Easy to comprehend: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that information supported with design is easy to comprehend. Especially in today’s day and age when people are running against time, visual communication is preferred because no one has the time to wrack their brains over long and winding words. Hence the graphics and visuals figure largely in marketing and packaging of FMCG and Consumer products.

Faster to grasp: The fact that most Education product design, Children’s books, Games etc have large and colorful visual figures goes on to prove that visual communication is easier to grasp . Another example, product windows of commercials. They are information heavy and talk about the benefits of the product, but since they use appealing visuals, it registers well and faster with the consumers.

Medium to educate: There is no doubt about the fact that visual communication is a great way to educate. One great example of it is the innumerable social service campaigns floating about. Be it about giving your child two drops of life to keep polio at bay or the visual of pledged green eyes of the iconic Aishwarya Rai, these images are well etched in our mind and keep reminding us about the cause.

Less time consuming: Who has the time to read long paragraphs of text when you can understand something through a picture in one go? No wonder graphic novels are becoming more and more famous and long copy ads are on their death bed. Visual communication is making a difference, it is changing trends, and it is strengthening branding.

Builds the brand: Last but not the least, it is a great business tool as Visual communication helps in building the brand. During new product design and new product developments, visual communication is largely kept in mind. It is definitely an important off-shoot of product design and communication design. It helps the consumer remember products and brands, it attracts and entices the consumer and most importantly, helps the consumer in forming a connection with the brand and sometimes, even its packaging.

This article has been written by author on behalf of Qunitessence. A leading Product Design firm Quniessence Designs based in Ahmedabad, India. The author has been writing regularly on design research, industrial design, product animation, design engineering and other similar topics.

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